Events by MSK is a multi-service agency based wholly in Nigeria. We create, design and deliver events of all type and magnitude of events throughout the country and across customer locations. We have been putting on extraordinary events for over 5 years and during that time, we’ve got pretty good at it! We have built a dedicated team of experts from the world of Event Management who can bring your vision into reality. Whether you are a big national or international corporation with a large budget or a small business or individual with limited financial resources, we have the passion, talent and experience to make your event a unique and memorable occasion that you will look back on with pride


Vendor Selection

Eventsbymsk procures the services of professional and trusted vendors at affordable rates and also ensure proper service delivery and quality execution.


We also offer our services to corporate bodies for events such as Annual General Meetings(AGM),Seminars,Conferences,Product Activation,Book Launch and Presentation.


We cover a variety of events from Birthdays,Album Launch,Christmas parties,
Anniversaries,Shows,Funerals and we love that every event is totally different.
Whatever the event though the ethos is always the same; we design
for impact but we love detail as this is what everyone remembers.


We offer Pre and Post Wedding Planning service,Vendor selection, Event Coordination, Creative and Trendy Wedding decoration and design, Provision of Hostesses.

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Eventsbymsk is patient and careful with information,
I am grateful for your impeccable service rendered.

Dr. Safiat

She is simply impeccable.
God bless you my daughter.


Thank you for making our wedding a memorable one
God Bless You..#HALT17


She delivers magical moments with just little briefings